First Time Camper

Need to Know Information

Daily Schedule


Our schedule varies based on the day of the week, but here is an overview of what to expect on a typical day at camp.


  • 7:15 AM – Wake Up
  • Morning Activity
  • 8:15 AM – Breakfast
  • Activity Time
  • Missions
  • 12:15 PM – Lunch
  • Activity Time
  • Snackery
  • Free Time
  • 5:30 PM – Dinner
  • Bible Study
  • Snackery
  • Free Time
  • Chapel
  • Evening Activity
  • Cabin Debriefs
  • Lights Out

Camp Map

Our Staff

What Sets Us Apart

At Seneca Hills Bible Camp, we are fully committed to selecting, hiring, training, and equipping young men and women who seek to love and serve the Lord earnestly in the summer camp setting.

Meaningful Relationships

Everything we do at Seneca Hills revolves around building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Our counselors’ primary responsibility is to not only love each camper with the love of Christ, but to also construct a solid foundation on which campers feel safe, understood, and empowered.

Our counselors serve as the hands and feet of Jesus as they connect with our campers on a personal level, seeking to come alongside them and meet them where they are in their faith. These young men and women are excellent role models who are examples of living out authentic faith.

Our hope is that we would provide and cultivate an environment that allows our counselors to wholly invest in each of their campers. This opportunity is mainly due to our ratio of 7:1 campers to counselor.

Our summer camp is heavily structured around fun, activities, and programs. We are confident that these are tools that the Lord has given us to reach campers. The operating force behind all of these things is our counselors. Partnering with these young adults allows our campers to have people to look up to, model after, and witness the reflection of Christ.

Hiring Process

The search for camp counselors is a thorough process that begins as soon as the previous summer is complete. Starting in the Fall, our team embarks upon the recruiting trail where they spend several months marketing to top schools all along the east coast and across the country to seek out the best candidates.

During the application process, candidates are asked about their beliefs, daily walk with the Lord, experience with kids, and why they wish to work at camp. References are performed on all of our employees, and all hired staff must obtain the necessary clearances to work with children.


Fully Trained Staff

While camp is typically viewed as a ministry directed toward the development of children, it is also a highly effective environment for college-aged staff. Our counselors are strengthened in their faith as they guide and mentor the campers.

Before campers ever arrive, our staff spends two weeks at camp preparing for the summer. Hours are spent learning and teaching the Bible study curriculum that they will soon deliver, discuss, and dissect with campers. Full days are devoted to familiarizing our staff with every activity so that they may effectively lead and debrief each one. As well, counselors will go through several workshops that offer knowledge and instruction about communication, child protection policies, leadership, and serving – all of which are led by our full-time staff and head counselors.


The arrival or camper check-in process is designed to be as simple as possible so your camper can get settled into their new environment. After making sure all of their camper’s information online is correct and after all the necessary forms and paperwork is complete, parents are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes early so they are prepared for camper check-in.

Once you arrive at camp, our staff will assist you with parking in our Activity Field by the playground; leave your luggage in your car until after you go through the check-in process. During check-in, you will have the opportunity to make any payments, talk with our camp nurse and submit any ingested medication in its original container, and add money to your camper’s account for purchases in our camp store and snackery. All campers must go through our lice check station. While campers are in lice check, you are allowed to complete a mid-week pick-up form in case your camper has a doctor’s appointment and an alternate pick-up form in case someone else is picking your camper up at the end of the week. The last station of camper check-in is finding out what cabin your camper is staying in.

After the check-in process, you are encouraged to help your campers carry their luggage up to their cabin. When you arrive at the cabin, feel free to talk to their counselors, help your camper choose and make their bed, and please be sure to sign your camper in with their counselors.


As mentioned, during the camper check-in process you will have the opportunity to meet our camp nurse for the week and hand in ANY of your camper’s ingested medications (OTC and prescribed medications, vitamins, liquids, etc). Your camper may keep an EpiPen or inhaler on themselves so long as they and you are comfortable with it. Medication is distributed at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime.

Seneca Hills abides by all medical policies set forth by state regulations and the American Camp Association. All prescription medication MUST be brought in prescription containers for the specified camper. Please do not send vitamins or dietary supplements unless prescribed by a doctor. Over-the-counter medications are given at the discretion of the camp medical staff and are provided by Seneca Hills Bible Camp at no additional cost.

Living Arrangements

All of our campers (outside of our Edge programs) sleep in cabins with a camper/counselor ratio of 7:1. All campers are given their bed(top or bottom bunk) and are instructed not to enter any other camper or counselor bed. All bathrooms and showers are located a short distance away from the cabins. Wake-up and lights-out are all different depending on the program.

Visitor Policy

Once all campers arrive on Sunday, no other outside persons can enter the cabins or staff quarters. If your camper is going home early, all parents will be instructed to wait by the office while their counselors assist them in bringing their personal belongings down to your vehicle.

Camper Communication

Parents are encouraged to send their campers emails, letters, or postcards throughout the week with the cabin #, camper name, and week of camp (e.x. Cabin #1, Jill Miller, June 19th-24th, 2023). Since campers are not supposed to bring cell phones, smart watches, or any other electronic device, parents are encouraged to not communicate with their campers via text messages or phone calls.

Camper Accounts

A camper’s account is the money you choose to give them to make purchases in the store, snackery, or play paintball for our junior and senior high campers only. Inside the camp store, campers can purchase journals, water bottles, camp apparel, and other various items. In the snackery which is open twice a day, campers can buy drinks like water and soda and snacks like chips, candy, and ice cream.


Camper pick-up at the end of the week begins at 9 AM. Like camper check-in, staff will be present to help you park your vehicle in our athletic field by the playground. Before breakfast, all campers bring their luggage down to the Rec Center so if you arrive early you may enter and gather your camper’s belongings. Once campers are formally dismissed at breakfast, they will meet you in the Rec Center where you may visit the camp store and snackery and purchase any last-minute merchandise or snacks for the ride home. On your way out of camp, you will meet one of our Program Team members and sign your camper out. Be sure to pick up your camper’s medications at the Nurse’s station if necessary.