Manly Camp

  • All ages – this is a father son retreat
  • $75 for a Cabin
    $50 for staking a tent (you provide)
  • August 16 – 18, 2024
Seneca Hills is proud to partner with a number of churches in the area to bring you, Manly Camp. Join us for this two-day retreat, a chance for fathers and mentors to “build up the next generation of men.” At Manly Camp, you’ll encounter great food, fun competitions, an inspiring and practical message, and a powerful moment known as “The Affirmation”.
Non-refundable: The Manly Camp fee is non-refundable. The fee is due at the time registration.

What is “The Affirmation”?

Manly Camp culminates on Sunday morning when each Dad stands up and, one-by-one, tells the others why his son(s) is going to make a great man. This public affirmation is incredibly powerful and difficult to duplicate elsewhere. Boys who are 13 and older are given the opportunity to say something about their Dad if they choose to do so.