Summer Staff FAQs

  • How do I know if Seneca Hills is for me?

    You will know Seneca Hills is for you if you have a deeply rooted, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to serve Him in the summer camp setting.

  • What is the selection process for staff?

    Summer staff positions are very competitive and we take a great deal of pride in the selection of our staff. Prospective staff members go through a comprehensive application process which includes the initial application, references and a personal interview with a member of the Executive Staff.

  • What is staff training? Do I have to attend?

    After a staff member is hired, an extensive training program is provided at the start of the summer season called staff training. All first year staff members are required to attend staff training in its entirety. During staff training, staff members are trained on topics such as child development, how to recognize, prevent, and take action against bullying, behavior management, risk management, emergency procedures, how to conduct a Bible Study, and all other topics related to their specific position as well as all Seneca Hills Bible Camp policies.

  • How old do I have to be to work at camp?

    You must be 14 years old by the first day of Staff training (or Memorial Day Family Camp if working that weekend).

  • Do I get paid for working at Seneca Hills?

    Yes! We pay on a biweekly basis. Pay is based on the position worked and the amount of years serving in the same position. Pay is received by Direct Deposit or Pay Card. Room, board and lifelong friendships are also included.

  • What paperwork do I need to complete?

    Every staff member needs to complete PA State Clearances. You will be given information upon hiring. You will need to fill out all the financial paperwork. Staff members under 16 years of age will need a work permit and parent permission.

  • Can I camp if I work?

    No. We do not allow staff members to camp in the same year they are working.

  • Where do I sleep/stay?

    Our Service Staff and Program staff stay in communal lodging, typically above our bathhouses, but may also be in one of our cabins depending on housing needs for campers on any given week. Counselors stay in cabins with campers.

  • Do I need to work the entire summer?

    The more weeks you can work, the better, but you are not required to work the entire summer. We like service staff to work at least 3 weeks plus staff training. In the application process, you will specify what weeks you are available to work.

  • Will I get days off?

    Camp ends on Saturday morning and resumes on Sunday afternoon. You are required to leave camp during this time. During the week there are scheduled time off/breaks.

  • Can I bring my car?

    Yes. Staff members may drive to camp. Cars are to be left in staff parking during the week.

  • What is the dress code?

    Staff shirts and nametags are given to all staff members. You should wear these items and khaki pants for Sunday evening registrations. During the week, casual dress as appropriate, functional, and modest for your position is expected (Kitchen staff are required to wear non-slip, closed-toe shoes when working).