5 Reasons to Attend Family Camp

Labor Day 2024 Family camp is almost here! Register now on our website.

  1. Growth

Seneca’s mission is to lead people to a vital personal relationship with, and a life of dedicated service to Jesus Christ. Our goal with family camp is to help you and your family grow spiritually together through worship and hearing from guest speakers.


  1. Connection

Family camp is a great way to reconnect with family members after a busy summer! Catching up with each other is the perfect way to refresh and start a new school year off right.


  1. Community

Family camp provides the unique opportunity to connect with other Christian families and build a community of God-honoring friends who can help each other grow. As you participate in activities with other families, you are sure to make connections that could last a lifetime.






  1. Rest

Seneca Hills provides the option of a meal plan and a balance of scheduled activities and free time. You don’t have to worry about keeping family members entertained or planning meals. Instead, you can focus on resetting and connecting with family.


  1. Adventure

Spending time outdoors and being active is essential to a healthy life. Seneca Hills has acres of trails and forest to explore, in addition to our various activities such as a climbing wall, swimming pool, ropes course, and zipline. We have everything you need for a safe, fun adventure with your family.


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