Staff Training Week 2024


Summer is just around the corner and the staff at Seneca Hills are going full speed ahead to prepare to serve campers. Staff training week began this past Sunday, June 9th, for all staff including kitchen, media, maintenance, counselors, and more. The day kicked off with fun icebreaker games to help both new and returning staff welcome each other.

Seneca Hills seeks to glorify God and they believe that their staff plays an essential role in creating a fun, safe, and encouraging space for campers. Throughout staff training week, different departments participate in various training and in-services. From learning games to practicing chapel songs to outdoor activities, staff participate in a carefully planned schedule to prepare them for the fast-paced nature of summer camp. Various departments meet in the afternoon to receive training and practice for their individual roles.

While other staff are required to participate in one week of training, counselors receive training for two weeks, with hands-on experience introduced from day one. During the second training week, staff are divided into cabins and participate in games and activities in the evening.

In addition to the physical and relational aspects of camp, Seneca also seeks to help their staff grow spiritually. In the evenings, staff worship together and hear this week’s speaker in the chapel. This year, staff are going through a book on how to practically walk with the Lord. Personal devotion time is also built into the schedule.

By the end of the week on Friday, staff have the chance to rest during the weekend before camp begins on Sunday. While staff training week can be rigorous, it is a great opportunity to practically prepare for the summer and develop valuable life skills. We’re grateful for our staff and excited to see their impact during camp!